Intensify the experience: Roadshow-, Serving-, Sales- and Promotional-Trailers from Fahnenbruck. Trusted for more than 100 years.

Whether you are at a roadshow, promoting your products or serving food and beverages. Trailers from Fahnenbruck Fahrzeugbau are designed to increase your revenue and ensure a positive buying experience – right from the first contact with your customer.

When compared to regular promotional Trailers, the design and the long and hands-on experience from Fahnenbruck will provide you with a competitive sales advantage. Design and technology are optimized to offer an ideal selling environment and offer a great buying experience.

Whether you need a standardized or individual trailer, at Fahnenbruck Fahrzeugbau you will find the optimal solution for your sales, promotion or food and beverage servings.

Beverage Trailers for Beer and Soft Drinks

Whether you are serving cold beer or nearly freezing soft drinks, Fahnenbruck Fahrzeugbau offers sophisticated and versatile trailers for your beverage sales.

Enjoy: Wine Trailers for a maximised customer experience

Properly tempered and expertly presented, you will convince the most selective wine connoisseur with the Bacchus Wine Trailer designed and built by Fahnenbruck.

Promotional and  Roadshow Trailers

Make your message stick! Build a strong and well-memorized Brand with promotional and roadshow Trailers from Fahnenbruck Fahrzeugbau.

Increase your beverage turnover with the Party Mini Cooler from Fahnenbruck Fahrzeugbau

Whether your customer is planning a private party or company party: The famous Party Mini Cooler from Fahnenbruck provides your customers with an unforgettable event. The Party Mini Cooler, offers an advanced party-solution, guaranteeing a memorable party-experience and successful celebration.  You will enhance the success of your customers’ party – and at the same time boost your revenue.

Sales Trailers from Fahnenbruck Fahrzeugbau

Gain more attention and show that you are a unique Brand! The mobile sales Trailers from Fahnenbruck offer just that. Win customers at roadshows, fairs and sale events.

Emotional selling at its best! The “APE” Promotional Trailer. 

The retro sales mobile “APE” will awaken the relaxed and nostalgic feeling of Italy and lead to increased buying. Whether you are selling cappuccino, snacks, cocktails or drinks.

Refrigerated Trailers from Fahnenbruck Fahrzeugbau

Provide your customers with ideally cooled beverages. Whether a cold beer, ice-cold soft drinks, cocktails or wines. With Refrigerated Trailers from Fahnenbruck, you are offering your customers the perfect drink.

Exactly what you need! Services provided by Fahnenbruck Fahrzeugbau.

At Fahnenbruck Fahrzeugbau you will receive the service you are looking for. In the quality, you expect from an experienced partner. Our service ranges from repairs, the supply of spare parts and paintwork. Just let us know, how we can assist you.

Trailer from Humbaur

No matter which trailer you need. Our experienced partner company offers a wide range of high-quality Trailers. Visit the website of Humbaur. Should you need any assistance, please contact the sales team at Humbaur or Fahnenbruck directly.


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